Policy Cookie

The following policy sets out the rules of storing and accessing information on user devices through cookies.The policy applies to all websites owned by Perekladach Ltd.

What are cookies?

Cookies (or cookie files) are a piece of data, usually a small text file, saved and stored on devices through which users access websites.

Types of cookies used by Perekladach

www.perekladach.ua uses the following types of cookies:

  • Session cookies – cookies that are stored on the user’s device until he/she closes the browser session. The cookies are permanently erased from the device memory when the session is closed.
  • JavaScript cookies.
  • Google Analytics cookies.
  • Cookies that store information on accepting the cookie policy.


Why do we use cookies?

www.perekladach.ua uses cookies in order to collect information and statistical data pertaining to the use of our website and store user settings.

Changing cookie settings

The user can change his/her cookie settings in order to block some or all cookies. This can be changed by using web browser settings or changing the service configuration. The user can prevent Google Analytics data from being collected by visiting the following website: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout The user can also delete cookies from his/her device at any time using the browser settings. Restricting the use of cookies may disable certain functionalities that are available on our website.